Frequently Asked Questions

How I can find out who my academic advisor is?

A listing of every student’s respective mechanical engineering advisor may be found here:  Mechanical Engineering Advisor List

Can I take Physics 2b as a co-requisite with Thermodynamics?

You cannot.

Can I Register for Engineering Projects I in the Spring and Engineering Projects II in the following Fall?

You cannot because Projects I is only offered in the Fall and Projects II is only offered in the spring. The Senior Design Project must be done in consecutive Fall and Spring semesters, one full academic year.

Can I Fill the technical electives with energy option courses even though I am in the aerospace option (or vice versa)?

You may. Any departmental electives can be taken to fulfill technical elective requirements, but not vise versa.

Can I Receive additional credits for a summer internship if I have already been awarded 6 credits for internships/co-op in the past?

You cannot because the previous two internships or one co-op already amounts to the maximum of 6 technical credits available.

How can I complete a math minor while pursuing my MAE degree?

From the Rutgers Mathematics Department, a math minor is described as follows:

Three terms of calculus; ordinarily 01:640:151, 152, 251

Introduction to Linear Algebra (01:640:250)

Four additional 3-credit courses chosen from 01:640:252, 244 and 300-400 level courses in the mathematics department (01:640:491, 492 do not satisfy this requirement).

Grades of C or better are required in 01:640:250 and 251.

At most one D is permitted in the four courses beyond 01:640:250.

At least three out of the four elective courses must be taken at Rutgers – New Brunswick/Piscataway.

As a MAE, Calc I-V are required. Therefore, the first component of the minor and one of the higher level electives is completed already. The MAE degree requires two technical electives, usually taken during the fall and spring of the fourth year. Math classes that overlap the technical elective requirements and satisfy higher level math courses are 250, any 300+, or 400+ from the department. If two of these are taken as technical electives, a student only needs to take one more 300+ level math course to fulfill the minor.

How do I declare my minor?

The dean's office has all kinds of minor forms, you need to take the one you need and have it signed by the advisor of the department of the minor

Complete the form found here and submit to the SOE Office of Academic Affairs (EN-B100)

What are other common minors declared by Mechanical Engineering majors?

Economics & Psychology

What are the credit requirements for being considered a full time student?

You can at no point take any fewer than 12 credits to be considered full-time. During the unrestricted add-drop period, you may be registered for a maximum of 19 credits.

You can view the minimum and maximum limits for number of credit hours at this link: